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The names behind the brand - Featured Promotions

First up, there’s Pam.

Every Red Dust Active item you see on our website was designed by Pam. She’s single-handedly taken every headwear idea I’ve ever imagined, listened carefully to me as I’ve described it, and has skillfully sketched it into reality. I love Pam to bits! (And not only because she’s my mum!)

Then there’s Stephen.

Our absolute champion cutter! He cuts out every one of our patterns with the steadiest of hands and the keenest of eyes.

Twee + Hoan are up next.

They are our sensational sewing team. They handle a sewing machine like Jessica Watson handles a yacht. It’s utterly impressive and a sight to behold, truly.

Our local sewers in Adelaide making Red Dust Actives Sports headbands

Leonie is super… just like glue!

Which is appropriate because she really does hold us all together. Our production lead and mentor, she watches over everything from initial concepts through final design to production, and we couldn’t do anything we do without her.

And last, but absolutely not least, there’s Tom aka Dad.

We keep him extremely well caffeinated and, in return, he lovingly (and quite quickly!) packs your orders – every single one of them. What a man!

So, there you go – these are the hearts that beat behind the doors of Red Dust Active and keep our local little supply chain bustling along.