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All Season Wide Headband - The Lorikeet

Caribbean Dreams/Marine
Midnight Black/Black
Midnight Blue/Black

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The Lorikeet is far from a fickle creature. She’s here for the long-haul, through every season, for every adventure. Her technical Supplex fabric means she’ll feel wonderfully soft against your skin as she expertly wicks away moisture, keeping you cool, calm, and comfortable.

A nice and wide all-season headband, the Lorikeet can be worn in all her expanded glory or scrunched for a stylin’ thinner look. She’s a soft and stretchy creature who feels oh-so-comfortable against your skin, and when it comes to your ponytail, she’s not the kind of gal who’ll interfere.

  • help you get out and move your body, find your active, and generally feel like a superstar!
  • get you powering through the elements on the freshest of mornings and the balmiest of evenings – no matter what the season, the Lorikeet’s your go-to gal.
  • give you the confidence to train in the way you want without worrying about your headband slipping – she’s especially skilled at staying in place.

We made the Lorikeet for all season workouts, but really, you can use her to keep your hair at bay for almost anything! Practicing your handstands? Colour-coding your wardrobe? Pretending you’re a back-up dancer in Beyonce’s latest video clip? Let your imagination run wild!

Yoga + Pilates Adventuring Travel Leisure / Play Hiking Trail Running Running Road Training Cycling

The Lorikeet is a real gem. She’ll keep your ears and head in the Goldilocks zone (not too hot, not too cold) while wicking away your sweat like a pro.

The master of illusion, she looks and feels like she’s made from cotton, but her high-performing technical fabrics are faster drying, delightfully breathable, and super soft. (Seriously Supplex, how good are you?!)

She’s 100% dedicated to staying in place and making sure you can wear your hair how you want!

Helmet Friendly Ear Warmer

We want you to have it all! Style, comfort, function, AND endurance. If you’re a bit of a tech-nerd like us, here’s what you’ll love about this headband:

SupplexBreathableMoisture Wicking


  • 91% Supplex
  • 91% Lycra


  • 88% CationicPolyester
  • 12% Lycra

We highly recommend washing your Lorikeet with like-minded colours on a cool and gentle cycle. Once she’s nice and clean again, let her rest on a flat surface to dry.

The Lorikeet will stick with you through thick and thin, but not through irons or tumble dryers… every gal has her limits.