Reversible Emu Exerciser - Black & Lilac

Red Dust Active

The Emu Exerciser is made for those long runs and those tough gym sessions. You decide how you want to wear it, so much variety all in one headband. As they say variety is the spice of life.

Why we made this:

The Emu Exerciser is designed for versatility, for those who like a bit of variety in their headbands. This sports head-wrap is perfect, as you can choose what color to wear depending on your mood or fitness outfit.  Plus it is the perfect fringe fighter as you can wear it wide, skinny, folded, twisted, scrunched the choice is yours and it is ensured to keep the sweat at bay.

Designed for: 

Cross-fit, running, training, the gym, high impact sports, athletic workouts, studio workouts


  • Reversible, ensures great value as you can choose which color to wear, sprucing up your gym outfit.
  • Versatile - option to wear it wide, thin, scrunched folded or twisted, you can adjust it to your style.
  • Comfortable fit, non-slip (to guarantee the best fit and to stay in place, it is important to place the fitness headband correctly on your head. Place low on the forehead instead of on top of the head).
  • Wide and comfortable.
  • Retains it form and elasticity.


  • 85.5% Polyester
  • 14.5% Spandex


  • Wash with like colors
  • Cool gentle machine wash
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Lie flat to dry

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