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Fast Finch - Cascade

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Staying active in Winter can be difficult, especially when the weather gets seriously cold. Even when you’re moving fast and burning energy, sometimes conditions get so frosty that your body can’t keep up.

That’s why we created the Fast-Finch. It’s highly insulated, so it keeps you snug and warm when you’re outside in winter temperatures. But unlike a heavy woolen toque, it won’t weigh you down. The whole thing is feather light, so you can wear it without feeling restricted. You’ll just feel comfortable, warm and protected from the elements. The fabric is highly breathable, so it’s suitable for even the most intense winter activities.

Why we made this:

Designed for winter outdoor workouts where comfort, performance, and endurance are key. Not only is it lightweight and breathable, it’s also unbelievably soft to the touch. It feels even silkier and smoother than cotton. That means you can wear it for hours without itchiness, chafing and irritation, even when you’re being athletic.

Designed for: 

 Winter, Trail Running, Snow Shoeing, Hiking, Running, Active Outdoors


  • The Fast-Finch technical toque is made from 91% Supplex, a truly hi-tech material. It feels even silkier and smoother than cotton.
  • The other 9% is stretchy Lycra. This material helps the Fast-Finch stay snug against your head and stretch when you move. One size truly does fit everyone, even if you bundle up all your hair inside the beanie.
  • Breathable - The unique fabric composition of the Fast-Finch lets air flow through without compromising on warmth. It means that you’ll never feel uncomfortable or restricted, but you’ll always stay toasty and warm.
  • Fast Drying - Laboratory tests have proven that Supplex dries 3x faster than cotton, so you’ll never need to walk around with a wet toque soaking on your head. Whether you’ve walked into a thunderstorm or worked up a sweat, you’ll be dry in no time.


  • 91% Supplex
  • 9% Lycra


  • Wash with like colors
  • Cool gentle machine wash
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry