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Workout Scrunchie - The Sandpiper

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Are you a fan of the iconic 80’s and an anti-fan of hair in your face during training? Love having your locks up but hate how standard hair ties either break themselves or break your hair (leaving you looking like Herry Monster with all your short flyaways)?

Allow us to introduce our Sandpiper Scrunchie! Made from our Max-Dri fabric offcuts, she’s all about sustainability and a sleek-looking up-do. Here to make your bad hair days disappear, she’ll not only functional, but fabulous too.

  • give you an up-do option that won’t break your hair – the Sandpiper Scrunchie is super soft and will glide over your hair instead of pulling on it like standard hair ties do.
  • eliminate bad hair days. Throw your hair into a messy bun or slick it back into a pony and throw in a scrunchie. Your work here is done.
  • make your active adventures flyaway-free and fabulous.

We made the Sandpiper Scrunchie for everything and every day of the week. You can wear her to work, play, or the gym. She can level up your buns or your ponytails, whether your hair’s freshly washed or living it’s best dry shampoo life. She’s an absolute gem who—unlike other up-do options (we’re looking at you standard hair tie)—won’t leave kinks in your hair, give you headaches after extended use, or get lost every time you put her down.

Yoga + Pilates Adventuring Travel Leisure / Play Hiking Trail Running Running Road Training Cycling

The Sandpiper Scrunchie is 100% made from Max-Dri offcuts, so not only is she quick to dry, excellent at wicking moisture, and beautifully soft, but she’s all about upcycling too.

Recyled Fabric Helmet Friendly

We want you to have it all! Style, comfort, function, AND endurance. If you’re a bit of a tech-nerd like us, here’s what you’ll love about this scrunchie:

Maxi-dri + MicroBlok Anti Bacterial Quick Drying Breathable Odour Resistant Moisture Wicking
  • 50% Polyester
  • 50% Cationic Polyester

If you feel the urge to wash your Sandpiper Scrunchie, we highly recommend doing so with garments that are a similar colour to her, on a cool and gentle cycle. Once she’s nice and clean again, you can let her rest on a flat surface to dry.