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Merino Wool Neck Warmer - The Snug Snipe


The Snug Snipe is the perfect way to protect your neck from the elements during your cool climate adventures.

Made using Merino wool, she’s a stretchable, breathable, and oh-so-comfortable little neck warmer who will make sure you stay nice and snug as you enjoy your time out in the wintery elements.

  • keep your neck toasty warm – Merino wool is full of tiny insulating air pockets that help to retain warmth, even in the coldest conditions.
  • show your neck what true love feels like – the super-soft Snipe feels luxuriously soft against your skin.
  • last and last and last – we’ve performance tested this beauty and boy does she stand up!

We made the Snug Snipe for cold weather warmth, but really, you can use her to keep your neck warm for almost anything! Basket weaving? Extreme outdoors hoola-hooping? Shopping at the farmer’s markets? Let your imagination run wild!

Trail Running Running Road Hiking Leisure / Play Cycling Snow Travel Adventuring


The Snug Snipe has been made with 100% Merino wool, which means she’s incredibly good at wicking moisture away from your skin to help keep you warm and dry, even when you’re working up a sweat.

Not only that, she’s naturally antibacterial and odour resistant, which means no matter how hard you work, she’ll work harder to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh.

Neck Warmer

We want you to have it all! Style, comfort, function, AND endurance. If you’re a bit of a tech-nerd like us, here’s what you’ll love about this headband:

Merino Anti Bacterial Temp Regulating Odour Resistant Moisture WickingBreathable
100% Merino

We highly recommend washing your Snug Snipe with like-minded colours on a cool and gentle cycle.

Please don’t iron her or put her in the tumble dryer… it won’t end well.