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Tech Talk

Tech Time-Tech Talk! Let us talk cotton-Red Dust Active

Tech Talk! Let us talk cotton

2 min read

Cotton is a super comfortable fabric to wear and certainly has its uses - it is a natural fibre, it is breathable, it is super soft and is hypoallergenic so it doesn't irritate your skin. It is a great fabric for many different uses and occasions.

However, when it comes to the great outdoors and especially if you are venturing further a field or partaking in extended adventures, cotton has many shortcomings and may get you into trouble.

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Tech Time-Tech Talk! What does moisture-wicking really mean?-Red Dust Active

Tech Talk! What does moisture-wicking really mean?

2 min read

If you are shopping for any kind of fitness or outdoor attire, it is darn near impossible not to come across the phrase "moisture wicking", “sweat-wicking”, “quick-drying” or "moisture management".
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Tech Time-Tech Talk! Max-Dri & MicroBlok Technology-Red Dust Active

Tech Talk! Max-Dri & MicroBlok Technology

1 min read

Tech Talk! So what does Max-Dri & MicroBlok Technology really do?

We have a couple of products in our repertoire, of #active accessories, that uses this fancy-sounding technology - but why? Well, if you want to start your workout right and ensure that you keep the sweat from your brow - look no further!
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