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October 27, 2019 1 min read

Tech Talk! So what does Max-Dri & MicroBlok Technology really do?

We have a couple of products in our repertoire, of #active accessories, that uses this fancy-sounding technology - but why?

Well, if you want to start your workout right and ensure that you keep the sweat from your brow - look no further!

Max-Dri moisture management is a technology that allows the fabric to dry quickly - it has excellent wicking capabilities. This keeps the skin dry so you are able to increase your ACTIVE endurance, ensuring the sweat stays out of your eyes and provides a comfortable workout indoors & out.

Along with Max-dri technology, the material we use is incorporated with an anti-microbial treatment (MicroBlok Technology) preventing odor and growth of bacteria, fungi, and mould for a healthier and more hygienic active lifestyle.

Oh yer, the product I was referring to that uses material which incorporates these two performance elements is the Rosella Racer SHOP now

Go out there and #findyouractive and become an #everdayadventurer

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