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Merino Wool Beanie - The Crested Corella

The Crested Corella loves a good cold-weather adventure! Designed for your outdoor winter workouts, she’s a versatile creature who can be worn in a multitude of ways – each one keeping you as warm as toast and feeling as comfy as only 100% pure Merino wool can make you feel.

Wear the Crested Corella as a beanie (with a handy hole for your pony-tail so you can rock whatever hairstyle you want), a sports headband, a head wrap, or a neck warmer – her natural wool fibres are intuitively elastic so she’ll stretch and move as you need her to.

  • keep you warm when you’re chilling out in the cold!
  • make you fall in love with Merino wool (in case you hadn’t already) – seriously, she’s so soft and comfortable, you’ll never want to take her off.
  • give you all the versatility you and your hair need – wear the Crested Corella as neck warmer, head wrap, sports headband, or a beanie – she’s ponytail and top-knot friendly.

We made the Crested Corella for cold weather adventures, but really, you can use her to keep your hair at bay for almost anything! Getting a few extra weeks out of your last hair colour? Playing cops and robbers? Practicing your head spins? Let your imagination run wild!

Trail Running Running Road Hiking Leisure / Play Snow Travel Adventuring

The Crested Corella is your ideal training and adventure companion for cold weather outdoor activities. Merino wool is a natural super-fibre, which means it’s simultaneously soft against your skin, as warm as a woolly sheep (makes sense), and strong enough to withstand the elements AND your washing machine.

Her incredibly versatile design means the Crested Corella can be your go-to headwear for any outdoor winter activity. The queen of elasticity, she doesn’t discriminate on head (or bun) size. Stretch her over your head to keep your noggin nice and cosy (even if you’re wearing a ponytail) or pull her down to your neck where she’ll happily sit and guard against an icy breeze.

Neck Warmer Ear Warmer Beanie Ponytail Friendly

We want you to have it all! Style, comfort, function, AND endurance. If you’re a bit of a tech-nerd like us, here’s what you’ll love about this headband:

Merino Anti Bacterial Temp Regulating Odour Resistant Moisture WickingBreathable
100% Merino

We highly recommend washing your Crested Corella with like-minded colours on a cool and gentle cycle.

Please don’t iron her or put her in the tumble dryer… she’ll be crest-fallen if you do.