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Red Dust Active is about providing technical, fun, functional and stylish active head + neck wear, so you are able to focus on your ACTIVE and enjoy those amazing post workout endorphins and all the other benefits that come from exercising and adventuring.

However, we are also about motivating, empowering & inspiring you to become an #everydayadventurer and what better way to do that than reading stories about how others have found their ACTIVE. We aim to showcase “real” women, like you and I, who are getting outside their comfort zone and following their active dreams to live a healthy life with a focus on their own journey to find their ACTIVE.

Tell us your story and inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and let us all know how you found your ACTIVE. Our goal is to discover and uncover great, untold, intriguing and inspirational stories of the Everyday Adventurer.

Whether you are a new mum returning to exercise, you have completed your first 5km, you run ultra-marathons, you love to hike or find your bliss on the yoga mat. We are sure your story will resonate and inspire others.

I know there are lots of questions, just fill in what you can or email us at everydayadventurers@reddustactive.com. Your story may be the one to inspire someone else to find their ACTIVE.

*** If you like you can write in a word doc then copy & paste your answers (I would hate for you to lose your hard work) :)