by Jo Demmler November 11, 2019

If you are shopping for any kind of fitness or outdoor attire, it is darn near impossible not to come across the phrase "moisture wicking", “sweat-wicking”, “quick-drying” or "moisture management".

So it must be important right? And depending on what kind of workout or activity you are doing, I guess it kind of is.

Firstly, I could go into great detail describing the science behind moisture-wicking fabric (but if you are keen to find out the low down in great detail - Google is your friend, yes I am passing the buck on that one). Plus it also makes for some dry reading including terms such as “capillary action”

However, the basics are as followers, moisture-wicking fabric does two things.

1. It quickly moves (wicks) sweat to the outer surface, pulling moisture away from your body dispersing it to the exterior of the fabric.
2. The above action allows the moisture to dry rapidly and easily, evaporating your sweat into the air so it doesn't saturate the fabric.

When you are working out or adventuring, you can get pretty sweaty, moisture-wicking fabric evaporates the sweat and produces a cooling effect. The final result is you feel more comfortable and your body can regulate its temperature more efficiently.

In comparison fabrics like cotton absorb and retain moisture and completely saturate your clothing with sweat and makes it harder for your body to regulate its temperature. Leaving you with damp saturated clothes taking forever to dry, resulting in your clothes feeling heavy and wet and making you feel generally uncomfortable like you are wearing a wet towel, losing its ability to retain warmth.

Phew… there we go a brief rundown on moisture-wicking - I hope this helps a bit next time you are searching for some exercise attire.

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Go out there and #findyouractive and become an #everdayadventurer

Jo Demmler
Jo Demmler


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