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I hope these bad-ass inspiring women motivate you to push yourself to step outside your comfort zone (whatever that is) to try new things.

There is certainly a cross section of films here - different abilities, sports, ethnicity, some are personal and others just pure joy to watch. Women enjoying being outside, finding their bliss and being Everyday Adventurers.

Being active is different for everybody - adventures don’t have to be ridiculously difficult to be awesome.

Find your path, your dream, your bliss - most importantly find you and step outside your comfort zone - you never know what will happen and what you could achieve.

Now sit back and relax and enjoy these films I have collected for you!

Where the Wild Things Play:
4 minutes

This is a fun kickass homage to badass, everyday adventurer women by adventure photographer Krystle Wright. The cinematography is on point, stunning scenery, amazing athleticism and not to mention one terrific soundtrack. Just the inspiration you may need on a rainy day to pull yourself from the house to workout and move your body. Beautifully done!

The Motivator
4 minutes

This is just a beautiful story! Aaron Hitchins shares his mother Maureen's story, the person who encouraged him to stay active and avoid being a spectator. He wishes he were half as active as she is and you will see why they call her “Mo” for the motivator - her active repertoire is truly amazing. Her legacy and commitment to the wonder and beauty of the outdoors is inspirational. 


Adventures in Real Life
4 minutes

It’s refreshing to see that not everything goes to plan and adventures aren’t always as glamorous as social media, the big screen and YouTube make them out to be. Nowadays the vulnerability, the obstacles and the unexpected circumstances of adventure and travel are seldom shown. However, sometimes when nothing goes to plan that is when the adventure begins and you forge the fondest memories and you are able to step outside your comfort zone.

The Mirnavator
11 minutes

Ultra-runner Mirna Valerio, has focused her life on spreading health awareness, promoting diversity and inspiring and uplifting others to LIVE LARGE and be in charge of their own happiness! This is an inspiring short film showing Mirna strength and how she overcomes the negative voices that don’t believe she belongs in the sport of ultra running.

Changing Course
8 minutes

A film about following your bliss and finding your tribe. It is amazing how one step back, 100 miles forward can change your direction.


I am Here
8 minutes

Climbing your mountain. Watch Yesi’s dream and journey to climb Washington’s Mount St. Helens.


Facing Sunrise
9 minutes

How one simple question can change your life and course “what do you want to do before you die?” This is Azzah’s story and her journey to discovering that she is capable of more than she ever imagined.


A Walk in the Park
10 minutes

Following your passion and seeing what you are capable of! They call it a picnic - Bike 37 km’s (23 miles), swim 2.1 km’s (1.3 miles), hike 4.8 km’s (3 miles) and climb 1,800 meters (6,000 feet) straight up. Then eat a donut. Turn around. Do it in reverse. Amazing view, amazing woman and an even more amazing perspective on life. Oh worth watching to the end thanking cheeseburgers for existing!


Dead Last
9 minutes

Adapt, find your way and progress! The story of Kaitlin Heatherly, having been born without the lower part of her left arm, she left her comfort zone and discovered her passion and talent for rock climbing and after just 5 months she found herself in the world championships.


Perspectives: India
5 minutes

Take a ride through India with Micayla Gatto, enter another world which is captured beautifully from chaotic cities to surreal mountains, kind souls and generous hearts.


I just couldn’t stop at 10 - here are 3 bonus short films:

Where the Wild Things Keep Playing:
4 minutes

If you loved “Where the Wild Things Play” then you won't be disappointed with Krystle Wright's next installment. This is her latest celebration of women doing rad stuff - from dirt to waves to ice. This is the anthem for weekend, weekday and everyday adventures. So much strength, heart and joy captured. Never Change a Thing!


Par For the Course
4 minutes

More from Mirna, she is an inspiration and totally a badass. Watch her take on Broken Arrow Sky Race, in Squaw Valley, California (mountain running above 2,00 meters - 6,600ft where the incline exceeds 30%). This film shows Mirna stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoying everyday adventures.


Life of Pie
11 minutes

If it suits your soul and makes you happy take a leap of faith. A great film about creating community, acceptance, pizza and of course some amazing single track mountain biking.