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Sporty Tie Behind - The Brolga Tail

Noosa Blue

Got a small head? Got a big head? The Brolga Tail is a sporty little tie-behind that’s bound to become one of your absolute favs, no matter what size head you have! More flexible than a life-long yogi, the Brolga Tail’s elegant design is adjustable to any size, giving you the perfect performance fit with a feminine edge.

Is comfort important to you? Well, just so’s ya know, the Brolga Tail is so comfortable you’d forget you were even wearing her if she weren’t doing such a great job of keeping your hair out of your face!

With a kazillion ways to wear her (ok, maybe not quite that many, but you get the point), the Brolga Tail is your go-to versatile headband for everything from yoga to running and every adventure in between.

  • take the headache out of choosing which active headband to wear – literally. The Brolga Tail is so stretchy and comfortable, she’d never dream of causing you a headache.
  • keep your ears warm and your earphones in place.
  • give you variety and choice – this feminine design can be worn wide or scrunched and tied in as many ways as your imagination allows.
  • be your go-to headband no matter what your active is. Running? Pilates? Hiking? Cartwheeling? You name it, the Brolga Tail is down for it.

We made the Brolga Tail for sweat wicking adventures, but really, you can use her to keep your hair at bay for almost anything! Perfecting your pole dancing routine? Having somersault competitions with your kids? Racing your pet rabbit down the hall? Let your imagination run wild!

Yoga + Pilates Adventuring Travel Leisure / Play Hiking Trail Running Running Road Training Cycling

The Brolga Tail loves her technical fabrics as much as choc chips love cookies. Made with Maxi-Dri and MicroBlok technology, this clever little number is a moisture-wicking ninja, keeping the sweat off your skin no matter how hard you’re working.

She’s also anti-bacterial, quick drying, and odour-resistant, thereby winning the title of best multi-tasker!


We want you to have it all! Style, comfort, function, AND endurance. If you’re a bit of a tech-nerd like us, here’s what you’ll love about this headband:

Maxi-dri + MicroBlok Anti Bacterial Quick Drying Breathable Odour Resistant Moisture Wicking
  • 50% Polyester
  • 50% Cationic Polyester

We highly recommend washing your Brolga Tail with like-minded colours on a cool and gentle cycle. Once she’s nice and clean again, let her rest on a flat surface to dry.

The Brolga Tail is fanatical in her dislike of irons and tumble dryers. Take it from us, you really don’t want to see what happens if she gets close to either of those things.