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July 02, 2020 2 min read

BollySoul Dance! Moving your body can be in any form and that is the best thing about finding your active and being an everyday adventurer.

I love Saniya zest for all things dance and how teaching has allowed her to grow, learn new things, and step outside her comfort zone. In Saniya's words "dance is about making people smile and bringing them together in movement."

This is a motivating read about putting yourself out there, asking for help and how moving your body and having the courage to follow your dreams can lead to finding your happy place.

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What is your ACTIVE?
I LOVE teaching BollySoul Dance! Teaching keeps me active and helps me make new friends while doing what I love.

How did you find your ACTIVE?
I've been dancing since I was 3 (all different styles - Ballet, classical Indian dance, contemp, jazz, you name it!) - I've continued to find friends and classes to try ever since!

What do you love about your ACTIVE?
I love that it grows as I grow. Early on, dance lessons taught me a sense of strength, discipline, and served as a healthy outlet. As I grew, it grew with me - serving as a way to make friends in new cities, to continue growing as both an instructor and a student, and to continue being a way to unwind outside of work.

What surprises have you experienced through your ACTIVE journey?
I've met people literally from ALL walks of life! People I never would have met or connected with otherwise - definitely one of my favorite parts of teaching classes.

What were the challenges getting started?
Believe it or not, when I first wanted to start teaching, I didn't even know how to make a dance resume! Once I found out some good ways to format a resume of this style, I cold emailed 15 local studios (in Burbank, CA at the time of my first class) and only one replied - but sometimes, all you need is someone willing to give you a shot, so grateful for that break.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
Messages from my students are really what keep me going, on days when teaching feels hard. Sometimes you get so in your own head, about choreography or how classes are going....those messages help me, at least, take a step back and remember that at the end of the day, dance is about making people smile, and bringing them together in movement.

If you could share one piece of inspiration to those finding their ACTIVE and staying motivated, what would it be?
Keep at it! You truly never know who you're touching, with your gift and passion, and all we can do is continue to spread a little ACTIVE positivity.

Words of wisdom to share:
One of my favorite quotes is 'you get in life what you have the courage to ask for' - remember that sometimes, it's as simple as asking for the chance to shine, and it'll come your way :)

Here's to us all being Everyday Adventures - #findyouractive 
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