by Jo Demmler October 23, 2019

I Found Fridays roll around so fast... it is my favorite part of the week. I love sharing stories of how other amazing women have #foundtheiractive

This week we have the beautiful @tanja_als who I spent many hours with on the tails in North Vancouver. We also spent many hours enjoying tea and banana bread post runs as well. Our fav being the End of the Line General Store.

First Name:

Vancouver, Canada

What ACTIVE have you found?
Trail Running

How did you find your ACTIVE?
I Googled to find a trail running clinic after getting injured running on the roads. There was only one at the time, and I emailed my questions to the owner. Now there are lots of groups, and tons of social media accounts to search and follow.

What do you love about your ACTIVE?
Trail running isn't just about running for me. Being in the quiet of nature, pushing myself physically, being surrounded by supportive friends, good conversation (when I can talk...) and lots of trees energizes and inspires me.

What pulled/drew you to the ACTIVE?
I actually thought running trails would be physically easier than running on roads. It's not :). Once I started I was hooked.

What surprises did you find along the journey?
The supportive and friendly community.

What surprises did you find along the journey?
The supportive and friendly community.

What were the challenges getting started?
I was intimidated by the technical trails (North Vancouver) and the hills, which were very different than the road runs I was doing. I joined a trail running clinic with pace groups, maps, and coaching which helped a ton.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
Running with friends helps a lot - even if I'm not totally into a run, the commitment of meeting up with friends gets me there. I also love the chats over coffee after the run!

What was one thing that was holding you back from your ACTIVE?
Trying to find a trail run group, which I luckily did. Now I only stop when I'm injured.

If you could share one piece of inspiration to those finding their ACTIVE and staying motivated, what would it be?
Find what lights you up - physically and mentally, and you'll be in your state of flow.

Who inspired you to find your ACTIVE? 
I'm always inspired by runners, trail, and road.

How has your ACTIVE changed over the years?
I've increased the distance at times, stopped running due to injury at times, and tried new things for cross-training like Zumba and Barr class.

Please add in in other words of wisdom to share :)
Be consistent, cross-train, recover, and do all of that with like-minded people.

Here's to us all being Everyday Adventures - #findyouractive

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Jo Demmler
Jo Demmler


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