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September 13, 2019 3 min read

So I guess I will get the ball rolling and be the first cab off the rank. My current "I Found" is trail running - this is my happy place and bliss.

Not to mention the trail community the world over is the most welcoming and supportive bunch of people.

I look forward to sharing more of my "I Found" adventures soon.


Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

What ACTIVE have you found? I love trail running

How did you find it? Trail running I found through living in Vancouver on the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. I started off with a road running clinic (I had a goal to run a marathon), I also at this stage hated running. However, over the years I grew very fond of the sport. Which then lead me to the trails and I started off doing a clinic and the rest is history (well not actually a lot of history) I just love it :)

What do you love about it? I love being out in the fresh air, getting muddy on the trails, getting my heart pumping - did I mention the fresh air. I also love the friends I have made, I love the camaraderie of the tail community (the world over) everyone is so welcoming no matter what pace or distance you run. Plus nothing is better than those post-run endorphins, you can leave in a bad mood and return feeling on top of the world. Oh, I love the hot cuppa tea and banana bread in the cafe after the run.

What pulled/drew you to your ACTIVE? Being in the great outdoors and off the beaten track. I love it when you are on the tails and you feel you are the only one around. 

What were the challenges getting started? For me, it is always having the courage to attend that first clinic or meet-up. I found it so hard to take that initial step to get out of my comfort zone (I am introverted so this is a really big one for me) and I have to really push myself (sometimes over several weeks/months) to take the first step to start. Also, I am a back of the pack runner and it is always intimidating joining a group not knowing how fast everyone is and being scared of getting left behind or holding people up.

What surprises did you find along the journey? For me, it is the camaraderie of the trail community, the amazing friends I have met along the way.

How do you keep yourself motivated? Just getting out the front door is sometimes half the battle, also being inspired and motivated by others. Plus if you set up a meet-up with a group of friends you have to go, otherwise you are letting the others down (so that is always great motivation). Joining a group has also kept me accountable.

I know for a lot of people signing up for a race or an event is a big motivator as well.

Who inspired you to find your active? It was ME. I like to be active it just makes me feel better and it is my HAPPY place.

If you could share one piece of inspiration to those finding their ACTIVE and staying motivated, what would it be? I once read a post that said something along the lines of - I always say to myself I have to start and if after 5 minutes I am not enjoying it I can turn around. I always find that once you get started you don’t turn around that often.

Also, just recently I am trying to have the mindset that it is okay not to feel great during every workout and if I have a stitch or just don’t feel the love it is okay to take it slow and enjoy the pleasure of being outside.

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